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August of 1999 will be the 2nd anniversary of the establishment of this web site dedicated to the one and only Princess Grace of Monaco. Unfortunatly, over the past year, I have found it nearly impossible in maintaining it on a regular basis. So rather than taking it down from the internet, I've thought it would be best if I just keep it up in an "as is" state. As a visitor, please feel free to use any pictures and information found here for yourself. Hopefully, for my personal benefit (I guess), I hope other web site owners are still compelled to link to my site.

If you have notice, I have not put an email for visitors to contact me. That was obviously intentional. However, if you would really like to ask me a question regarding Princess Grace or the web site in general, don't hesitate to leave a message at the Guestbook. I do plan on checking the site occaisionally, where I will get to read some guestbook entries. However I do not gurantee a response.

Anyway, it's been a fun 2 years running this site. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me along the way. I hope people will still find this site informative and enjoy their time exploring it. Thanks.

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